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according to the speaker's guidebook 2009 MLA it says there should be between 2-5 main points.

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Q: How many main points should you strive to have in a speech?
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What is an implied main idea?

a main idea that is not stated in the speech.

What is the general framework of a speech called?

Its called an Outline; here are some basic speech outlines"An outline is a blueprint for your presentation."The basic speech outline template for structural elementsis:IntroductionBodyConclusionSimilarly, the basic speech outline template for logical elements is the familiar advice:Tell them what you're going to sayTell themTell them what you've saidPut these together, and you have the start of a generic speech outline:Introduction - Establish topic and core message; list supporting pointsBody Supporting Point OneSupporting Point TwoSupporting Point ThreeConclusion - Recap main points; summarize core message; call-to-action

What is a good sixth grade speech for class president?

wat evA good 6th grade president speech would be where, at first, introduce yourself to the crowd. Not all the people will know your name. You should talk about how you're trustworthy, hard working, accountable, etc. You should also talk about what you would do as a president, and a few jokes in the speech is good too. People want seriousness, but not all the time. A good place to end would be the main idea of what your trying to say you'd do as a president and then, if you want, you could say "...that's why you should vote for me, (your name)."

What were the main points of the pamphlet?

Please rewrite. The question can not be answered we don't know the pamphlet asked about.

What can be a conclusion paragraph for federalism checks and balances separation of powers and small state vs big state?

Your conclusion paragraph can only be formulated by what exactly you wrote in your essay or paper. A concluding paragraph should "sum up" your thesis, or main points.

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In what part of your speech should you discuss your main points and the evidence which supports them?

The body

What part of your speech should you discuss your main points and the evidence which supports them?

The body

How many main points in a farewell speech?

Three main points.

How to write a JS Prom Speech?

To write a speech for a prom begin by making an outline for the speech. The opening statements should capture the audiences interest right away. For the closing of the speech remind the audience of the main points of the speech and summarize the main points of the speech.

A good way to end a speech is to?

Your closing sentence should summarise everything you have talked about by restating its main points.

How many sub-points should a speech have?

A speech is an informative or instructional exercise. It should be relevant and concise so that one's audience remains interested and attentive. An overly long speech may tend to cause the audience to "nod off". A good speech should have a good introduction, an informative body and a conclusion that recapitulates the main thrust of the speech's subject matter. It is in the body of the speech that one will include sub-points. The number of sub-points included is entirely up to the speaker, remembering that a good speech should be relevant, informative and concise. If one includes a question and answer period, some additional points which one may have wanted to include as sub-points may be raised and addressed and hopefully, everyone should leave satisfied and informed.

What you should focus on during a lecture?

During a lecture you should focus on the main points and any information you need to understand the main points. You should also think about questions you might have about the main points.

What are the 3 main points in the ballot or bullet speech?

personality trait, attitude, and

What are the two main goals of the conclusion of a speech?

to have a call to action for your audience and to sum up the points you made in the body of your speech

What are the main points you should inculde in a speech?

Introduction: Grab the audience's attention with a strong opener and state the purpose of your speech. Main points: Identify 2-3 key ideas or arguments that support your main message. Provide clear and concise explanations or examples for each point. Conclusion: Summarize the main points and reinforce the overall message. End with a memorable closing statement or call to action to leave a lasting impression on the audience.

What are the ten elements of a good speech?

== == # Capture your audience's attention (you can use a startling statement, rhetorical question, anecdote/personal story, a famous quote, etc.) # Motivate your audience to be interested in your topic # Assert the purpose of your speech # Preview the main points of your speech # Body point #1 # Body point #2 # Body point #3 # Review of the three main points of your speech # Action that audience should take that makes your speech relevant to them # A wrap-up that gives your speech unity and completeness

What should you do to make a speech and outline?

After preparing your speech, outline important points of your speech on a sheet of paper. If you are presenting it in a PPT form don't let it say everything but just main points so the audience doesn't get distracted and concentrate on your PPT instead of what you are saying. Rehearse your speech several times till you are comfortable with it. Instead of memorizing the speech rehearse so you can feel natural when speaking.