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5,000 free men

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Q: How many men does it take for a two part legislature to be elected?
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How many men does it take for two part legislature to be elected?

5,000 free men

How do citizens influence the government in a democracy?

Through their elected representatives they take part in law-making.

Is the premier of Ontario elected or appointed?

The Premier of Ontario is appointed by the Lieutenant Governor, on the basis of the composition of the elected legislature. For this reason, the Premier often appears to be elected, since their appointment is frequently the direct result of an election. However, a new Premier can also take office without an election if the old Premier resigns.

What does the Representatives length of term mean?

It means how many years a representative serves in the legislature (Congress or a state legislature). It is equal to the time between elections, although the representative-elect will not take office immediately after the election.

How many days did it take to elect Pope Benedict XVI?

He was elected on the 2nd day of the conclave.

Where did the first meeting of the state legislature take place?

in the past

How many Argentine athletes take part in the competetion 2012?

3 take part in the competitions

How do you make a sentence using legislature?

The legislature has picked up these words and turned them into statutory law. There are a total of nine independent lawmakers in the current legislature. Yesterday the legislature passed a resolution demanding that the Cabinet resume building the plant. The workers have threatened to take members of the state legislature to court over the issue. It is expected that the draft law will be voted on by the legislature at the end of April. Acknowledging the legislature did not mean that every law was considered correct. The bill passed by the legislature was narrowly tailored to apply only to the one case. That is how the legislature scrutinizes the laws the executive intends to pass. Now the legislature must pass a statute governing the assembly's exercise of power. James Madison in 1784 opposed an attempt by the Virginia legislature to levy a tax to support religious education. It is self-governing with a locally elected governor, lieutenant governor, and bicameral legislature. But an opposition leader capable of righteous anger is essential for any democratic legislature. An unfair apportionment limited upcountry representation in the legislature and gave the parishes more power than their population warranted. In the past, the legislature acted as a rubber stamp for weapons procurement budgets. It was left to the other half of the legislature, the Lords, to take a stand. And even in the very close 2000 election, Democrats lost another 43 seats in state legislature lower houses and 21 seats in their upper houses. Balloting procedures were improved greatly in 1891, when the legislature adopted the Australian Ballot Act. The basic principle for a democratic republic is the independence of the three branches of government executive, legislature and judiciary. In the melee, the mace that symbolizes the authority of the legislature was carried away and was later found in a lobby used by parliamentarians. The reason is that it is a fundamental principle that the legislature should not act or expend money without parliamentary authority.

What question do you use to find out what type of political system a society has?

Who makes the rules? or How are laws made? Does the public take part directly in the lawmaking process? Does the public elect a legislature to represent them in the lawmaking process? Does one person make all the laws? Also, how do government leaders get their positions, and how long do they keep them? Are they elected? Are they appointed? Do they inherit their positions? Are they in office for life, or for a predetermined term?

What is a sentence using the word legislature?

I can give you several sentences.The state legislature is in session.He is a member of the legislature.When will we elect new legislature members?

Under What two circumstances did James Monroe say he would accept the nomination for president?

he would not be unanimously elected, and he wouldn't take part in any XOXOXOXOXO sorry i had to do that he wouldn't take part in any Governmental groups other than his own

How did Andrew Jackson take office?

he was elected in to office in 1828 and he was elected again in 1832.