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21 missions were built


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Q: How many missions in all were built?
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How many missions were built in the mission chain?

21 missions

How many catholic missions were built in California?

In California, a total of 21 Missions were built. See link:

How many missions were built in alta California?


What country built mission in California?

Spain built the California missions.

How Many Missions Were Built In San Antonio?

A total of 26.

What countries built missions?

Spain sponsored the construction of many missions in North, Central, and South America.

Who built California missions?

many people think the spanish did but some think american indians did

How many missions did father serra set up in California?

He built 9 out of 21

Who built the mission of San Juan capistrano?

Father Junipero Serra built all of the missions which includes Mission San Juan Capistrano.

What country did the first californians come from?

Many people from Spain settled in California, and they built missions.

Who was the Franciscan missionary who built many missions in California?

Junipero Serra

Which country built the missions?