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At the most 300!

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Q: How many people can a viking ship hold?
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Could a viking ship hold more then 100 vikings?

No. most ships would hold up to 30 - 40 people though one ship was madde to hold 60 people

How many people could fit in a viking ship?


How many floors in the cruises have?

Depends on the size of the ship. I was on a Viking River cruise and the ship had three decks. Huge ships like the big cruise ships can hold 8,000 people and have 8 decks.

How many warriors were carried in the Gokstad ship?

The Viking Gokstad ship was a warship and carried about 70-80 people.

How many people would have been on a viking longship?

depends on the size of the ship. A viking long ship would have 20 to 40 oars and it would have 1 man to an oar. But they did it in turns so nobody knows exactly.

When was the first Viking ship built?

in the viking times ...

Why did the people aboard the oceanic viking come to Australia?

It is an Australian customs ship.

How many warriors could a viking long ship carry?

about 100

How many people does the oceans ship regatta hold?

The Oceania Cruises ship called the Regatta can hold 684 guests and about 400 crew members.

How many people can the RoyalCaribben ship hold?

at least 100-350 royalties...

What is leif ericsons ship?

Tall red and white sail and a small ship and about 20 people in each ship.

Did leif erikson have a ship?

I do not know what ship Leif Erikson sailed on but I can tell you it was not the Santa Maria