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The vikings had several types of boats that had different designs. The design of the boat is based on what the boat was used for. The most popular and most depicted viking ship was the longship. These vessels were meant to carry troops across the ocean.

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Viking warships where called longships they where fast silent and most of all deadly. The longships where long and ideal for raiding

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A Viking ship has a big red sail a dragon head model in the front>

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Q: What did the viking ships look like?
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What were viking ships made of?

Viking ships like others of the time were made from wood.

How long was viking ships?

Viking ships were 15 to 35 meters long.

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How were viking ships different from roman ships?

Viking has a prow decorated with dragon heads.

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How did the viking ship look like?

a banana

What was viking ships called?


Eric the Red what ships did he use?

Knarrs, which are Viking merchant ships.

Why were viking ships no longer used?

Viking Ships are no longer used because with the advent of steam power and industrialization the metal ships are much more efficient at doing everything.

What decorated the viking ships?

A Dragons head to scare away other viking ships