What do Greeks look like?

Updated: 8/23/2023
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they look like kelsey tuck

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Q: What do Greeks look like?
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What is the Greeks writing look like?

They are characters.

What do Mediterranean people look like?

they look like :italians,greeks,spaniards,moroccans....................

What did the big dipper look like to the ancient Greeks?

The ancinet Greeks thought the Big Dipper looked like a big bear.

What did the ancient Greeks Sun God look like?


What did the ancient Greeks' housing look like?

kia i got you

What are the differences between ancient Rome arts and ancient Greeks arts?

roman stole the Greeks art to make it look like theirs

What are the similarities of the ancient roman clothing?

The greeks and romans wanted to look powerful, and intimedating. They wanted to look war-like and fearsome.

What does Cepheus look like?

To me cepheus looks like a house , but the ancient greeks identified cepheus as the king ofanithopia and the husband of cassiopia.

Why did the Greeks want to look like the gods?

because they wanted the gods to be pleased,and let them know that they honor them.Elaborated AnswerThe ancient Greeks believed that the gods and goddesses were the most beautiful being, therefore, they wanted to be like then. It is always true what is above.

Is Cronus human-like or monster like?

Cronus is in the form of a human it is said that we were formed to look like him and his descendants If you want to know anything about the Greeks contact me at

Can Essay like writings be found before the nineteenth century?

Yes, ancient Greeks wrote essays. Look up Plato.

Why did Greeks made their gods in their own image?

They believed that they had been made in the gods' image, and so imagined the gods to look like them.