What do walls look like?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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flat and hard

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Q: What do walls look like?
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What does Miley Cyrus'room look like?

the walls are blue and its nature like

What did the walls in the pyramid look like?

The walls of a pyramid were generally a flimbies color made out of sand.

How french homes look like?

They look pretty good. They have a door and have walls and a roof. Dont forget the cool beans

What does a typical home in Colombia look like?

i looks like an apartment building the colors are red and reddish pink on the walls outside ( look at and write what does a typical home look like in colombia)

What does Phillips Exeter rooms look like?

Four walls and a ceiling but the carpets really nice

What do the karankawa tribe houses look like?

the Walls are made of woven grasses and animal skin

What would semi gloss look like on walls?

It would have a sheen as opposed to being shiny.

Where can you find lizzards?

you can often find lizard in old places like old houses and look on the walls

What do a parallelgram look like?

A parallelogram looks like a rectangle that's starting to fall over so that the two side walls are angled.

What does Miley Cyrus' room look like?

The walls are teal. She has a circle mirror and lots of scented candles. She has two zebra print chairs. Her closet is huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge and the walls are hot pink.

Will the 12mm Beveled Edge Gingerwood look good with white walls?

Beveled edge gingerwood will look great with white walls, and has a very timeless look.

What does a castle look like?

Castles were usually made of stone or brick and the walls were very thick to stop attackers from getting in.