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How dose the north amarica map look like

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Q: What does a map of North America look like?
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Were is south America fond in the world?

If you look on a map or a globe it will be below North America.

Is Australia bigger or smaller of north America?

No because if you look at a map North America is bigger in size(square miles).

What best describes South America's direction from north America?

south just look at a map

Samllest country in North America?

That Would Be North America because if you you look at a United States map Canada is the Biggest States The Smallest

What continents are in the north hemisphere?

If you look at a map of the world, it is Europe, Asia, and North America. However, part of Africa and South America are also located in the North Hemisphere.

Map of North America?

map of north America does not show up at this site sorry

In which continent is the Appalachians mountain range?

North America. Now please look at a map and find them.

What is the inch of North America?

what is the inch represents of north america map

What is the name of the gulf of eastern Mexico and southeastern north America?

Gulf of Mexico!Look on a map or a globe.

What continent would Columbus draw on his map next to the Bahamas?

Columbus would have drawn North America on his map next to the Bahamas.

Is Canada part of the United States?

No. Canada IS part of North America, however ... there is a difference if you look on a world map. There is also a South America, but none of that is part of the United States either.

Where in the world is Central America located?

Take a look at a map, concentrate on the little strip of land that connects North and South America.. That's it.