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well it depends, hes probably killed over 1000 every one hates that fat pig

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too many

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Q: How many people did Hugo Chavez kill?
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What did Thomas Scott do to make Louis Riel kill him?

Louis Riel did not kill Thomas Scott. --------------------------------- Riel's government had Scott tried for defying the governments authority. Five of the seven members of the court, lead by Lieutenant A. Lapine, voted for the execution. Another government, from far away, representing other people, acted on their authority and traveled to the West and killed Riel. It was that government that gave us the narrative that Riel killed Scott. The reasons for Scotts execution, as for Riel's are many. Scott was violent and challenging the validity of the government selected by local people. He was also threatening life's and had already escaped and make it clear that should he be released or escape again he would kill many people, particularly Catholic people no doubt. Fear was part of the reason, and it was important that people respect the legitimate government of the people.

What did Abraham Lincoln do that Americans did not like?

Some people did not appreciate Abraham Lincoln's choice to end slavery. Most of these people wanted to kill him, resulting in his assassination in 1865. Many historians feel his suspension of the Constitutional right of habeas corpeus during the Civil War was illegal and amoral.

What mafia families are still around?

"If I told you I would haft ta kill ya" lol .But yes. some do exist but they are not what they used to be. mafias in the old day were family or really close trustworthy people and friends., but too many untrustworthy people have been let in and the mafia crumbled. that and the F.B.I. keeping a track of them

How many people died in the battle of mobile bay?

many people died

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too many

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Is Hugo Chavez a good leader?

Many people considered Hugo Chavez a good leader. In 2005 and 2006, Time Magazine named Hugo Châ?¡vez as one of the world's 100 most influential people.

How Hugo Chavez became president of Venezuela?

Hugo Chavez was democratically elected in 1998 with strong support from the lower class. Chavez, at the time, was thought of by the poor majority of Venezuela as a man of the people due to his socialist beliefs and promises of aid for the poor. Chavez has, in fact, improved life for the poor of Venezuela somewhat. Higher education is easily accessible for all citizens, however, conditions for many of Venezuela's poor is still below what is considered acceptable by most of the world. Since Chavez's election, his powers have increased and there are no longer presidential term limits.

What was Hugo Chavez life like at a young age?

Hugo Chavez grew up in a poor family in rural Venezuela. He experienced the hardships and inequality that many Venezuelans faced, which shaped his political ideology. Chavez joined the military and rose to prominence through a failed coup attempt in 1992, which ultimately led to his election as the President of Venezuela in 1998.

What happened November 18 2007?

On November 18, 2007 there was a major fire at a pipeline in Saudi Arabia. Many people perished. Also, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela warned the United States to not attack Iran.

How many sisters did Chavez have?

Cesar Chavez had 2 sisters.

How many sisters did Cesar Chavez have?

Cesar Chavez had 2 sisters.

How many kids does Cesar Chavez have?

Cesar Chavez has 8 children

How many children does Cesar Chavez have?

Cesar Chavez has 8 children

How many people with the name Hugo live on earth?

Nobody knows for sure.

How many Asian Cobras kill people?

if they kill people all of them

What are some of Barbara Walters' most famous interviews?

Barbara Walters has had many "scoops" during her career. Some of her most famous interviewees include Boris Yeltsin, Margaret Thatcher, Michael Jackson and Hugo Chavez.

How many brothers did Daniel Chavez Moran have?

There isn't enough information available to determine how many brothers Daniel Chavez Moran had.