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Around 300 to 4OO slaves were packed into a tiny area. They were so close together that they could not move. I hope this answers your question!

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Q: How many people were in slave ships?
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How many seamen where on slave ships?

There were at least 130 sea men on slave ships.

Did people eat meat on slave ships?

The slaves - no. The crew - yes.

How many slaves survived the journey on the slave ships?


What did slave ships look like?

the slave ships were wooden and they smellt horrible and the ships are really dirty.

What types of people were brought onto the slave ships?

black people were the only ones who were slaves.

What did they do with the slaves from the slave ships when they lsnded and how did they sell the slaves?

When slave ships landed, the slaves were taken to the slave market where they were auctioned.

Did slaves walk around on the slave ships?

Slaves were manacled and packed tightly into the holds of the slave ships.

What was the plan of slaves ships about?

The plan of slave ships was to transport as many slaves as possible. This included placing them in tight quarters, which resulted in many dying of disease, starvation, and thirst. While the slave owners wanted to save each slave for profit purposes, it simply was not realistic.

On slave ships how often were slaves danced?

i dunno but all i know is that they were danced so that the slave ship owners were able to clear out the ships but im unaware of how many times or how often this happened.

What was the journey that the slave ships took called?

The Slave Trade

What is something bad that Marco Polo did?

He raped people , He killed LOTS of people and He drove the boat that had slaves on it ( the slave ships )

Why did slaves on slave ships commit suicide?

they therw there self over deck or asked people to strangle them