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Q: How many ships returned from Magellans expedition?
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How many ships returned from the magellans expedition?

One, the Victoria, with 18 of the original crewmen.

How many ships sailed on coronado's expedition?

15 ships with 2000 soldiers

How many of magellans ships made it back to Spain?

Only 2 of his original five ships made it back.

How many magellan's ships completed the journey?

Of the five ships that Ferdinand Magellan took on his Pacific Ocean expedition, only one, the Victoria, returned to Spain. It was commanded by captain Juan Sebastián Elcano, who led the expedition after Magellan was killed on the island of Mactan (now part of the Philippines).

War of Jenkins's Ear how many volunteers returned home?

In the Jenkins' Ear, thirteen ships of volunteers were sent to help the Spanish test their defenses. Six of these ships returned home.

How many ships did Odysseus return with?

Odysseus returned home with a single Phaecian ship, as all of ships had been destroyed.

How many ships returned from the spanish armada?

about 140 ships sailed out to the English channel and it is said that only about 20 returned to Spain ...

What was magellans crew like?

Magellan had a very diverse crew from many different countries. The crew was made up of Greek, Spanish, English, and Italian members. Magellan's crew also mutinied the expedition.

How many boats did vasco Balboa have?

The expedition of 1501 had two ships, the Santa Maria and San Anton.

How many ships did Sir Walter Raleigh take on his expedition to Roanoke?

5, including the "Tiger" which was his own ship.

How many people on Zheng He's expedition?

The first expedition of Zheng He is said to have consisted of a fleet of 317 treasure ships, (other sources say 200 ships) holding almost 28,000 crewmen (each ship housing up to 500 men).

How many men were alive at the end of magellans voyage?