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There are 2 planets closer to the Sun from the Earth

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Q: How many planets are nearer to the sun than the earth is?
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What other planets are nearer the sun than planet earth?

Mercury and Venus are closer to the Sun than Earth.

What 2 planets have a faster orbital velocity than earth?

Any planets that are nearer to the sun than the earth is. The two known ones are Mercury and Venus.

Why do all planets nearer to the sun than the earth go through phases as seen from earth?

because the sun causes ther effect

Why is the temperature higher on these 4 inner planets than the 5 outer planets?

Because they 4 inner planets are nearer the Sun, which warms them with its heat.

How many planets has mass that is greater than the mass of earth?

Four planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, have mass greater than that of the Earth.

Is the moon nearer to the earth than the sun?


Which planet is nearer to the sun than earth is?


How many planets is the moon from the sun?

The moon orbits the Earth. Venus and Mercury are the planets that are closer to the Sun than the Earth is.

How many planets have a shorter day than earth?


How how many planets?

Nobody knows for sure, but there is so many, that there might be more planets than people on earth!

How many planets in your solar system are denser than earth?

there 9 planets one is moved

What planets have more than one element?

Many of the planets have more than one element. Two of these planets that have more than one element are Earth and Jupiter.