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There can be no more than 435 congressmen in the House of Representitives.

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Q: There can be no more than how many congressmen in the house of representatives?
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How many term house of the representatives in the Philippines?

The Members of the House of Representatives shall be elected for a term of three years, and shall serve for no more than three consecutive terms.

Why is the house of representatives favored by the larger states?

The House of Representatives is favored by larger states because the number of representatives in the House for each state is decided by the states' population. This means that larger states have more representatives. Therefore, they will have more votes and a bigger influence.

Are there more people in the House or Senate?

The House Of Representatives has 435 people in it. The senate has 100 people.

How many congressman are in office?

Each resident of the 50 states has 3 Congress members - two Senators and one Representative. In common parlance, "congressmen" is taken as a synonym for Representative, so the answer you are probably looking for is one. Each state is divided into one or more congressional districts based on population, with Montana (the least-populous state) having one congressional district,and California (the most-populous state) having 53. A census is taken every 10 years, and the congressional districts are adjusted at that point. The Reapportionment Act of 1929 set the size of the House at 435 Representatives, although in 1959, that temporarily rose to 437 with the new states of Alaska and Hawaii each getting one representative. The 1962 elections, based on the 1960 election, once again gave us 435 representatives. Senators serve the state at-large, while Representatives each have their own district, so even if your state has dozens of Representatives, if you live in the 50 states, you have only one Representative, but two Senators. Citizens of other parts of the US, such as the District of Columbia, US Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, and Puerto Rico, and US citizens not living in the US don't get to elect a voting Representative or Senator.

Is proportional representation used by the House of Representatives?

Yes. As per the U.S. Constitution, the U.S. House of Representatives uses proportional representation. This means states with larger populations have more representatives in Congress.

Related questions

How many senators does the US senete have?

The US senate has one hundred senators. There are two senators for each state. The House of Representatives has congressmen based on population; the larger the population for that state, the more congressmen it has.

How does reapportionment reflect the population of a given state?

The reapportionment of the United States House of Representatives gives the number of congressmen in each state. The congressional districts are based on population. So states with more congressmen have larger populations.

The lower house of congress in which states are represented based on what?

In the US government, the lower house is the Congress. So states with higher populations have more Congressmen as representatives.

Who currently represents in the US house of representatives?

There are currently 435 representatives in the US House of Representatives, each representing a specific district within their respective state. The representation is divided among the 50 states based on population, with some states having more representatives than others. The specific individuals representing each district can change over time as elections are held.

Does California have more representation then Wyoming in the senate?

Every state has two senators, regardless of size. Do the math. That is correct, each state has two elected representatives in the Senate. In the House, however, the number of representatives is based upon the population of each state. California has 53 congressmen in the House and Wyoming has only one congressman in the House.

What group of congress has more members the Senate or the house?

Essentially, the houses have an equal amount of legislative power (overall). However, each house has certain previledges denied to the other. For example, the House of Representatives is the only house that can propose revenue legislation (bills involving taxes). On the other hand, the Senate has much looser rules than the House. For instance, senators can debate bills as long as they please, while congressmen have limited speech. Actually, senators can even talk about other issues to the floor, unrelated to the bill, as the floor is deliberating. This is often used as a stalling tactic and is referred to a filibuster. Furthermore, there are only 100 senators, so the legislative power is more condensed, and senators have 6 year terms while congressmen only have 2 year terms. But as I said in the beginning, the houses in reality have equivalent legislative power. --Charlie G.

Why does California have more representatives in the US House of Representatives than Delaware?

why does California have more representatives in the U.s. House of representatives than Delaware?

What determines how many representatives each state gets in a house?

The number of representatives each state gets in the House of Representatives is determined by the population of that state. This is based on the decennial (every 10 years) census conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau. The more populous a state is, the more representatives it has in the House.

What is the number of representatives from each state based on How many representatives are there in the house?

Each state may have at least one representative. California is the state with the most representatives with 53. Law states that there will be no more than 435 representatives in the house.

How many term house of the representatives in the Philippines?

The Members of the House of Representatives shall be elected for a term of three years, and shall serve for no more than three consecutive terms.

How are they selected in the house of representatives?

The number of representatives each state gets is based on the population of that state; for example while Utah has three reps, New York has 29 reps. This just goes to show you that larger, more populous states have more representatives in the House of Representatives.

Who has more calendars the house or the senate?

I would say the house. There many more representatives than senators. So it stands to reason that they would have more calendars.