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The House of Representatives is favored by larger states because the number of representatives in the House for each state is decided by the states' population. This means that larger states have more representatives. Therefore, they will have more votes and a bigger influence.

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Q: Why is the house of representatives favored by the larger states?
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Which house would have favored by the larger more populous states and why?

The House of Representatives because "the house" based its number of representatives on the population not just every state gets this amount of representatives

Which house would have been favored by the larger more populous states?

The US Senate, to which each state elects two senators, is the house that favors states with smaller population. Under the New Jersey plan, all states would have had one vote each in a unicameral legislature.

Is proportional representation used by the House of Representatives?

Yes. As per the U.S. Constitution, the U.S. House of Representatives uses proportional representation. This means states with larger populations have more representatives in Congress.

Why do larger states favor the house of representives?

The House of Representatives gives the larger populated states more influence over legislation. The number of representatives per state are chosen based on the states population, so a state like California has far more representatives (thus more influence) than a state like Kansas.

Which house of congress would have been favored more by large states?

Well, if by large you mean in population, then they would favor the House of Representatives, where the members are determined by population size.

Which of the houses in congress resulted in the appeasement of the large states?

The House of Representatives in Congress resulted in the appeasement of the large states. The number of representatives each state receives is determined by its population, which gives an advantage to larger states. This arrangement satisfies the large states and ensures their interests are represented in the legislature.

What did small states want at the constitutional convention?

The smaller states followed the "Connecticut Plan" which, as opposed to the larger states' preference, the "Virginia Plan," made plans for a unicameral body in which all states had equal representation - today known as the Senate. The Virginia Plan, on the other hand, was favored by the larger states because it stated that larger populations would equal greater representation in Congress - today known as the House of Representatives.

Its congress favored the small states?

The House of Representatives favors bigger states because they have more districts and therefore more representatives. The Senate only has two Senators from each state no matter what size they are.

Why did people support the new jersey plan?

It favored the states with the larger populations. People who lived in states with more population got more representation in the House of Representatives. This was a flawed plan, as the smaller states like Rhode Island and Massachusetts were basically left out and didn't have a say in the government.

What do the us House of Representatives do?

The House of representatives represents The United States

The House has how many representatives.?

The United States House of Representatives has 435 members, and the United States Senate has 100 members. Representatives in the House serve 2-year terms.

Why must candidates pay attention to smaller states when campaigning?

The electoral college is based on the house of representatives and the senate. The house of representatives is based on the population and usually the larger states have a bigger population. That is why the press pays more attention to large states during the general election.