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Polk acquired the Southwest by war with Mexico. McKinley acquired Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philippines by war with Spain. Monroe acquired Florida from Sain by military force, but war was never declared.

In addition, virtually every 19C President acquired land as a result of Indian wars.

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Many United States Presidents acquired land either before or after they served as President. Many of the Presidents have property that can be toured.

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He bought the Lousiana Purchase and doubled the size of the U.S.

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Q: How many presidents acquired land by war?
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Was the land east of Appalachian mountains was acquired as a result of the civil war?

Appalachian mountains acquired

Noble accomplishments James Polk accredited with achieving?

he acquired most of the northwest land in our country today. he acquired half the land that Mexico was in control of then by going to war with Mexico. many of the modern boundaries today are due to Polk's accomplishments.

How many presidents did the Cold War last?

8 presidents

How did the different ways the US acquired land during manifest destiny?

they bot stuff like land tretys and war

How was british territory acquired by the US?

It was acquired after the Revolution when the United States got all the land from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mississippi. They also got land from the Louisiana purchase and from the war against Mexico.

True or false president Jefferson sent explorers to learn more about the land the US acquired through the civil war?

Thomas Jefferson was president before the civil war, making it impossible for him to send explorers to explore land acquired during the civil war. Although I am not sure, I believe that no land was acquired during the civil war. He did, though, send Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to explore the United States after the Louisiana purchase.

Great Britain acquired Canada as the result of the?

Great Britain acquired Canada as the result of the Seven Years' War. After the War, France was forced to give up most of its North American land to Britain.

Which famous American first suggested the organization of land acquired as a result of the revolutionary war?

the west lands

How are some different ways land was acquired by the US in the period of manifest destiny from 1844 to 1853?

They bought land, treaties, war, annexation, and conventions.

Is the land east of the Appalachian mountains acquired as aresult of the civil war true or false?

YES this is true in most situations . HOPE i helped 😄

How did the war with Mexico change the US border and land holdings?

The war with Mexico changed the US border and land holdings significantly. The US was advantaged as it acquired New Mexico to be part of United States.

How many times did the US Presidents declare war?