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All but 4 of the 43 Presidents held an elected office before they were President. Those that did not were Taylor, Grant, Hoover and Eisenhower.

George Washington did not serve any elected office under the US Constitution, but he was elected to serveral positions in the colonial government. Herbert Hoover was Secretary of Commerce which is a national office, but is not elected.

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Q: How many presidents held political office before being elected president?
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Which 2 presidents were farmers before elected?

President Vincent

Who was elected president without holding an elected office before?

Presidents who did not hold elected office before they were President are Zachary Taylor, Ulysses Grant, Herbert Hoover and Dwight Eisenhower.

Who are all the Presidents of Afghanistan?

Before President Karzai, there was no elected president in Afghanistan, but they were called presidents of Afghanistan.Hamid Karzai was the first elected president of Afghanistan since fall of the Taliban.Ashraf Ghani replaced Karzai in 2014.

Can a senator or representative be appointed to the office of the president?

Presidents are not appointed- they are elected. A senator or representative can run for president , but if elected president , he must resign any previous office before he takes office as president.

How many presidents were lawyers before becoming president?

Nineteen US presidents were lawyers before becoming elected.

Similarities between the declaration and constitution?

They both were written before the first president was elected

How did Bill Clinton become president?

He was elected, the same as all US presidents before him except Gerald Ford.

What president was never elected to a government office before becoming president?

All presidents have been elected to some government office, but Gerald Ford was the only one who was never elected as vice president or president. He did serve as a congressman, but was appointed, not elected, as vice president by Richard Nixon and took office after Nixon's resign without election.

How many presidents served as secretary of state before being president?

I count six -- Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Quincy Adams, VanBuren and Buchanan were Secretaries of State before being elected president.

Which US Presidents were married when elected President?

All but Jefferson, VanBuren, Buchanan, Cleveland, and Arthur were married when they took office. Jefferson, VanBure and Arthur were widowers. Jackson's wife was alive when he was elected but died before he took office. Arthur was never elected president.

Do you have to win he senate's seat before competing with the president in the presidential election?

No. Several Presidents were governors or held other political office prior to becoming President. Some held no political office at all.

How long was it before had our 1st black president?

In the US the first President with any certain black ancestry was elected in 2008. There have have been several earlier black presidents in other countries.