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The answer is that several presidents had not previously held elected public office before becoming President: Zachary Taylor, U.S. Grant, William Howard Taft [although he was governor-general of the Philippines], Herbert Hoover, and Dwight Eisenhower.

This now includes Donald Trump.

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President-elect Donald Trump never served in any political office, elected or appointed and was never in the military. Herbert Hoover was the only other president who did not hold elected office or serve as an officer in the military. However, Hoover was Secretary of Commerce under Harding and Coolidge.

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Zackory Taylor never voted before becoming president.

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Q: What President never voted before becoming President?
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Did Zachary Taylor serve in the house of reps or senate before becoming a president?

No- Taylor never held any elected office before he was President. He never even voted.

What president had never voted?

Zachary Taylor had never voted when he ran for President.

What president never voted for president until he ran for president?

Zachary Taylor had never even registered to vote for past elections. I am not sure that he even voted for himself.

Which US president died after 16 months in office and at the time of his nomination had never voted before?

Zachary Taylor

What president voted for the other guy?

The ballot is secret in this country. I have never heard that any President ever voted for his opponent.

Was there a president before Washington was voted into office?


Which president died after only 16 mouths of his term and at the time of his nomination had never voted before?

Zachary Taylor fits this description.

Which president never voted until he was elected?

Zachary Taylor

Who is the only president never to be voted on by the people of the United States?


Who were the people involved in the election of Joe Biden becoming Vice President?

President Obama was when he selected Biden as his running mate. Everyone who voted for Obama in the election also voted for Biden and are therefore responsible for his election as well.

Which president of the us didn't vote for himself?

Zachary Taylor reportedly never voted. He never even registered to vote.

Who was the first president that did not vote in a presidential election?

Zachary Taylor had never voted. He was likely the first.