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Missouri It hasn't voted for a loser since Adlai Stevenson in 1956.

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Q: Which state has correctly voted for the president in the last 50 years?
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Can a president be voted out after two years?


Who is the only president that served two terms as president but was voted out of office after his first term and then voted back into office four years later?

Grover Cleveland

What is the maximum number years a person can serve as president?

4 years .if voted for the second time its 8 years and then that's it

What is the maximum number of years a person can serve as president?

4 years .if voted for the second time its 8 years and then that's it

When does a president's term end?

IT has a certain amount of years eg. 5yrs after that they get voted out

How long can one man be president?

once voted 4years second vote 4 years by total 8 years. one man can be in office as a president for only 8 years in USA.

What governmental party has Alabama voted the most for president?

Like most southern states, they voted almost exclusively for the Democratic Party for the first 100 years after the U. S. Civil War, and, like most southern states, they have voted mostly for the Republican Party for the past 50 years.

How did Washington help establish Washington state?

not only benig a general helping lead a victory in the american revolution. he become our first president of the united states. Him being a General of the U.S. helped him become president for being so famous. and he was the first and last president to be voted for without any competition by that i mean he became president without ever really going through a voting process. everyone wanted him to be president so he became that.

How long can the president of America serve for?

The regular election lasts for four years. But the president can be elected again if he runs for president for a second time. If he is voted for president, then he can serve for another four years. That same thing happened to John F. Kennedy but he got shot in his second election. So he only was president for 7 years.

Who originally selected senators?

There are 100 senators in the United States. Each of the 50 states has 2 senators. The senator is voted into office by the people of the state. Each senator voted in office serves a term of 6 years in office representing the people of the state. The Vice President is the leader over the senators.

When was the president of Australia voted?

The PRIME MINISTER of Australia is elected every three years. The next shall take place in 2013.


Elected head of state. In Germany, the President was elected for seven years