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I checked from Buchanan to Polk and can safely assume that Lincoln was the youngest of all presidents before him. Johnson is also older than Lincoln; however, Grant and Hayes belong to an entirely younger generation. So I can say that the 15 presidents before Lincoln plus the one president (Johnson) after Lincoln would be: 16 presidents.


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There was 7 presidants' born before the U.S. became a courty.

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8 presidents.. :)

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Q: How many presidents were born before the US became a country?
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What presidents were born out of the country as in on military bases?

US President must be native born citizens so none of them were born out of the country. The first seven presidents were born before the US was formed but in colonies that later became US states.

Zents Kunle Sowunmi the author of Before the Journey Became Home was born in which country?


What did George Washington and Abraham Lincoln have in common?

They were both dedicated to their country and became the most famous of Presidents. Both were married, and both served in the military as young men. They were both born in February. Other than these and a few other facts, they were very different men.

What us president was born in a state before it became a state?

Most of the early ones, like George Washington was born in Virginia before the USA was even a country.

Was there any presidents born before the 1700's?


What is the Mother of the Presidents State?

Virginia has been called that, since 8 US presidents were born in Virginia, all before 1860.

What country was Jimmy Carter born in?

He was born in the United States. All U.S. presidents must be born in the U.S.

Who were the presidents that were born in Maine?

As of 2016 (before the election), no U.S. President has been born in Maine.

What are the names of the presidents that were born in VA?

The eight Presidents of the United States born in Virginia are:George Washington , born Pope's Creek, VirginiaThomas Jefferson , born in Goochland County, VirginiaJames Madison, born in Port Conway, VirginiaJames Monroe, born in Westmoreland County, Virginia.William Henry Harrison, born in Charles City County, Virginia.John Tyler, born in Charles City County, Virginia.Zachary Taylor, born in Orange County, Virginia,Woodrow Wilson, born in Staunton, Virginia.

What country was Superman born in?

Superman was not born in any country- he was born on his home planet and became a resident of the United States after he was sent to Earth.

Who was born in 1787 and became president of the US?

There was no President of the United States who was born in 1787. The Presidents born closest to 1787 were Zachary Taylor and John Tyler, who were born in 1784 and 1790 respectively.

Who were the two britainers presidents?

There is no such term as "britainers" presidents. If you are referring to the British Prime Ministers, Sir Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher were two notable British Prime Ministers.