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As of May, 2012, 14 U. S. Presidents to date have been from the south:

  1. George Washington of Virginia
  2. Thomas Jefferson of Virginia
  3. James Madison of Virginia
  4. James Monroe of Virginia
  5. Andrew Jackson of Tennessee
  6. John Tyler of Virginia
  7. James K. Polk of Tennessee
  8. Zachary Taylor of Louisiana
  9. Andrew Johnson of Tennessee
  10. Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas
  11. Jimmy Carter of Georgia
  12. George H. W. Bush of Texas
  13. Bill Clinton of Arkansas
  14. George W. Bush of Texas
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Below are the names of the 44 U. S. Presidents from Washington through Trump divided among those from northern states, states that were part of the Union during the American Civil War, those from southern states, states that were part of the Confederacy, and those from new states, states which acquired statehood after 1865.

U. S. Presidents from Northern States:

  1. J. Adams
  2. J.Q. Adams
  3. Van Buren
  4. W.H. Harrison (born in a southern state)
  5. Fillmore
  6. Pierce
  7. Buchanan
  8. Lincoln
  9. Grant
  10. Hayes
  11. Garfield
  12. Arthur
  13. Cleveland
  14. B. Harrison
  15. McKinley
  16. T. Roosevelt
  17. Taft
  18. Wilson (born in a southern state)
  19. Harding
  20. Coolidge
  21. Hoover
  22. F.D. Roosevelt
  23. Truman
  24. Eisenhower (born in a southern state)
  25. Kennedy
  26. Nixon
  27. Ford (born in a new state)
  28. Reagan
  29. Obama (born in a new state)
  30. Trump

U. S. Presidents from Southern States:
  1. Washington
  2. Jefferson
  3. Madison
  4. Monroe
  5. Jackson
  6. Tyler
  7. Polk
  8. Taylor
  9. A. Johnson
  10. L. Johnson
  11. Carter
  12. G.H.W. Bush (born in a northern state)
  13. Clinton
  14. G.W. Bush (born in a northern state)

U. S. Presidents from New States:
  • none
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The home states of the following US Presidents were in "the South" as defined by the US Census Bureau:

George Washington (I-VA)

Thomas Jefferson (DR-VA)

James Madison (DR-VA)

James Monroe (DR-VA)

Andrew Jackson (D-TN)

John Tyler (W-VA)

James K. Polk (D-TN)

Zachary Taylor (W-LA)

Andrew Johnson (NU-TN)

Lyndon B. Johnson (D-TX)

Jimmy Carter (D-GA)

George H. W. Bush (R-TX)

Bill Clinton (D-AR)

George W. Bush (R-TX)

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Q: How many presidents were elected from southern states?
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