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25 presidents form the repulican party were elected to be the president of the USA.

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Q: How many presidents where elected from the Republican Party?
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How many democratic presidents have there been and how many republican presidents have there been?

There were 5 Jacksonian Democratic presidents before the Civil War. There have been 9 modern Democrats since the Civil War. (The Democratic Party split over slavery in 1860 . After the Civil War ended a new Democratic Party emerged in opposition to the Republicans. ) Some people add the 5 and 9 to get 14 Democratic presidents. There was one president, George Washington, before parties came into being. There was one Federalistm John Adams, There are 4 Whig presidents. There are 4 Democratic-Republican (Jeffersonian) presidents. John Quincy Adams had ties with the residue of the old Federalist party and later was a leader in the Whig party. He did not really belong to a national party when hew was elected. There were 18 Republican presidents , counting Andrew Johnson, who ran as a Republican with Lincoln but had been a Democratic Senator and joined to the reformed Democratic party after he was President. Summary: 18 Republican, 13 Democrat, 4 Whig, 4 Democratic Republican, 2 unaffiliated, and one National Union Party (Andrew Johnson).

How many parties have served as president?

Five different parties have supplied Presidents - and there have been non-party Presidents * Federalist * Democratic-Republican * Democratic * Whig * Republican

Who was the first democratic president?

The first president to be elected by the Democratic Party was Andrew Jackson. The Democratic Party arose from the earlier Democratic-Republican Party, and many Democrats see its beginnings there. The first president elected by the Democratic-Republican Party was Thomas Jefferson. The word "democrat," with a small 'd,' denotes a political process rather than a political party. So the question, without capitalization, asks who was the first democratically elected president; this was, of course, George Washington, if you are asking about the presidents of the United States.

How many presidents were elected and how many were not elected?

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What political part did Abraham Lincoln belong to?

Lincoln was the first Republican president, elected in 1860.He was a member of the Whig Party from 1832 to 1854 before there was a Republican Party . He was nominated by the National Union Party in 1864.This party was really just a name-change for the Republican party which was trying to attract anyone who did not want to end the war with a truce.

How many presidents were republican?


How many times can presidents can be elected?

A president can be elected as many times as he wish

How many republican presidents served more than one term in office?

The Republican Presidents that completed two terms in office were: Ulysses S. Grant, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. Abraham Lincoln , William McKinley and Richard Nixon was elected to two terms but did not complete their second terms.

Who creates more jobs Republican or Democratic presidents?

I would think neither of them do. In America there are two major parties, Democratic and Republican. But if the Socialist Party of America became a major party from a minor there would be many more jobs and therefore less unemployment.

How many pages does Republican Party Reptile have?

Republican Party Reptile has 220 pages.

How many presidents have been members of the whig party?

There were four Whig presidents- only two were elected as President, the other two were vice-presidents who moved up when the President died.William Henry Harrison (elected president in 1840)John Tyler (elected as VP in 1840)Zachary Taylor(elected as President in 1848)Millard Fillmore(elected as VP in 1848)

How many centuries have your presidents been elected in?