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Q: How many republican delegates does Texas have?
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How many delegates does a candidate need to get the republican nomination?

1144 delegates are needed to win the 2012 Republican nomination.

How many republican delegates for California?


How many republican delegates do the respective congressional districts in California have?

California does not allocate Republican delegates based on congressional districts. Instead, the state allocates its Republican delegates through a winner-takes-all system that is based on the outcome of the statewide vote in the Republican primary.

How many Republican delegates are in New York?

There are a total of 95 delegates for the state of New York.

How many super delegates does Wisconsin have?

74 delegates plus 18 super delegates democratic. 40 delegates republican

How many delegates for Texas?

228 Delagates

How many delegates does it take To win the 2012 Republican President nomination?


How many delegates to the conventions does Texas have?

Texas has a total of 228 democratic delegates, 126 delegates will be chosen proportionately according to the primary vote, 67 delegates will be chosen by the caucus process, and 35 delegates will be "Super Delegates". The caucus process begins at the precinct conventions and is completed at the Texas Democratic State Convention. So if you live in Texas you must go to the primary and caucus.

How many delegates Mitt Romney won in Florida?

Mitt Romney won 50 delegates in the 2012 Florida Republican presidential primary.

How many delegates does New Hampshire get to Republican Presidential convention?

In normal circumstances, New Hampshire would have been represented by 24 delegates at the Republican National Convention. However, the date of the New Hampshire primary violated the guidelines of the Republican National Committee. Therefore, the New Hampshire delegation was reduced to 12 delegates.

How many delegates must a presidential candidate win to secure the republican presidential nomination?


How many delegate votes must the Republican nominee for President of the United States accumulate?

For the 2012 Presidential Contest, a Republican nominee for President must have 1144 delegates vote for them on the first Presidential ballot at the Republican National Convention, since that is a simple majority of 2286 delegates.