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There are 338 seats the House of Commons. There are 105 in the Senate, though this can be augmented temporarily by 4 or 8 seats if needed with the Queen's authorization. Parliament also includes the Crown, and thus has a "seat" (the Throne) for the Monarch or the Governor General.

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Canada has ten provincial legislatures, one in each province. Each legislature has a different number of members.

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there are 456

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Q: How many seats in Ontario provincial legislature?
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How many representatives are there in the Ontario Legislature?

There are 107 members of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. There are 72 Liberals, 25 Progressive Conservatives and 10 New Democrats as at May 2010.

How many constituencies does Ontario have?

106 for federal,107 for provincial

How many members of Ontario provincial parliament are there?

there is 107 MPP's in Pntario

How many seats in Punjab assembly of Pakistan?

The Provincial Assembly of the Punjab has 371 seats. The Pakistan Muslim League (N) has the most seats with 313.

How many members are there in the Texas legislature total?

Texas has 32 seats.

How many seats does NDP have?

well there is 58 seats in the sask legislature and 38 belong to the sakatchewan party so the ndp has 20 seats

How many types of governments are there in Canada?

Federal Government ( Parliament ) the Senate Provincial Government ( Legislature ) Local Government ( Mayors and Councillors for that city )

How many ridings are there for 2011 election?

Canada's Constitution provides that no province shall have fewer seats in the House of Commons than it has seats in the Senate. As such, Prince Edward Island is constitutionally entitled to four seats in the House of Commons. Canada no longer has any multiple-member constituencies at the federal level. Therefore, there are four ridings in Prince Edward Island.

How many seats in Provincial Assemblies of Paksitan?

Indicate Total Number of Punjab Assembly Members

How many seats does the Liberal Party have in the Provincial Election 2009?

I dont know somene answer this please

How many seats does the official hold?

The official opposition has 8 provincial seats and 102 federal seat. I hope my answer helps. -Someone who had the same question

How many seats in Roy Thompson Hall?

There are 2,630 seats in Roy Thompson Hall (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)