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Cloture already exists in the US Senate. It takes 60 Senators to invoke Cloture.

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Q: How many senate members does it take to approve the cloture rule?
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How many members are there in the Senate?

There are 100 voting members in the Senate.

Who must approve of many of the powers and duties of the president?

By the Senate

How many votes does it take to invoke cloture in the senate?

60% of those voting are needed to stop debate on ordinary legislation. (2/3 are needed to end debate on senate rules and only 51% are needed to close debate on presidential appointments, other than for supreme court justices.)

How many member in the senate?

there are 100 members in the senate

How many democrats in the senate?

There are 56 members in the senate

How many senate members do they have in Puerto Rico?

The Senate of Puerto Rico has 31 members.

How many members in the Senate?

There are 100 members in the Senate (Senators), two for each state.

What the senate's duties?

The Senate has the following duties: 1. The Senate tries impeachment cases 2. And the Senate must approve many of appointment made by the Governor

How many members are in the Missouri senate?

there are 34 members

How many members of the Oregon Senate?

100 members

How many members in the Illinois senate?

2 members in the senate, because there are 2 per state.

How many members did Sparta have in their senate?

The Spartan senate (Gerousia) comprised 30 members.