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There are 2 senators for each state in the US Senate, a total of 100.

But "state senators" are in the state legislatures, and the number varies by state, from as few as 20 to as many as 67. This is usually because (like the state house of representatives) the districts are determined by population. Some can change sizes. Nebraska has a unicameral legislature, with no separate senate.

Alabama - 35

Alaska - 20 (fewest of any state)

Arizona - 30

Arkansas - 35

California - 40

Colorado - 35

Connecticut - 36

Delaware - 21

Florida - 40

Georgia - 56

Hawaii - 25

Idaho - 35

Illinois - 59

Indiana - 50

Iowa - 50

Kansas - 49

Kentucky - 38

Louisiana - 39

Maine - 35

Maryland - 47

Massachusetts - 40

Michigan - 38

Minnesota - 67 (most of any state)

Mississippi - 52

Missouri - 34

Montana - 50

Nebraska - * No separate senate - 49 state representatives

Nevada - 21

New Hampshire - 24

New Jersey - 40

New Mexico - 42

New York - 63

North Carolina - 50

North Dakota - 47

Ohio - 33

Oklahoma - 48

Oregon - 30

Pennsylvania - 50

Rhode Island - 38

South Carolina - 46

South Dakota - 35

Tennessee - 33

Texas - 31

Utah - 29

Vermont - 30

Virginia - 40

Washington - 49

West Virginia - 17

Wisconsin - 33

Wyoming - 30

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There are 2 senators from each state

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Two .

2 senators per a state! :)

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Q: How many senator per each state?
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How many senator represents each state?

Two per state.

Who benefited from the senate having one vote per state?

Several states designated one senator per county or district, while in with per capita voting, which gave each senator, rather than each state.

How many states only have 1 senator?

No. The constitution says every state must have exactly 2 senators.

How many US congress senator in Washington state?

There are two senators per state from each of the fifty states in the United States of America. The number of US house members; however, is based on the population size of the individual state.

Under the Constitution each state has how many senator(s) and how many representatives?

Each state has two senators in the Senate. For the House of Representatives, the number depends on the population in each state.

How many US senator in Indiana?

there are 2 there are only 2 senators per state... its the house of reps that varies

Why are there different numbers of electoral votes per state?

EV's are apportioned by population. Each state gets one EV for each Congressional District it contains plus two more EV's, one for each senator in the United States Senate.

How much does a Maryland senator make?

Currently, a Maryland State senator makes $46,500 per year. Beginning in 2016 this will change to $56,500 per year.

How many senators can each state send to congress?

Two per State.

How many delagates per state?

there are 2 delegates for each state.

How many senators are there in a legislature?

100 2 per each state There are two senators per state in the U.S.

How many senates are there and for how many years do they serve?

There are two senators per state, and with the fifty states, there are 100 senators. They each serve a term of six years.