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There are 8 books that I know of now because in the end of book 7 Tom, Alice, and the spook need to send out for Grimalkin, the witch assassain, and Alice fears the worst because Grimalkin cannot be contacted anymore.

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Q: How many series are there to The Last Apprentice?
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What author wrote the Last Apprentice series?

Joseph Delaney wrote the Last Apprentice series.

Is there a fifth book in the last apprentice series?

Yes, the 5th book of The Last Apprentice series is Wrath of the Bloodeye.

Is the Last Apprentice series the same as the Spooks tale?

Yes, "The Last Apprentice" series is also known as "The Wardstone Chronicles" or "The Spook's Apprentice" series. The books follow a young apprentice named Tom Ward who learns to fight against supernatural forces as he trains under the Spook, who is a supernatural protector.

Is the last apprentice a coven of witches part of the series?

No it isn't

What is the second book to the last apprentice series?

curse of the Bane

Will there be a ninth book in the last apprentice series and what is it called?

No. its 6 books per series

What is book 8 of the last apprentice series?

A book lol XD

In the last apprentice is tom's mom a witch?

In "The Last Apprentice" series, Tom's mom is not a witch. She is a supportive and caring mother who helps and guides Tom through his adventures as a Spook's apprentice.

When will the book 7 in the series the last apprentice come out?

If your talking about the series with withches and spooks then The seventh book of The Last Apprentice series, A Coven of Witches, will be released April 27th of 2010. if not then the other book will be released sometime around may/june.

When will there be an 8 book to the last apprentice series?

There won't be an 8th book to the Omen of The Stars. The last warrior book coming out is called The Last Hope in April 2012. (The Last Apprentice book is in the series Omen of the Stars.) Oh I'm sorry i thought you were talking about a different series. DON"T LISTEN TO THIS ANSWER

What is the 7th book called in the last apprentice series and when will it be coming out?

Some time in 2010:)

What are the names of all the Last Apprentice books?

If you mean the Series, Omen of the Stars, So far there is The Fourth Apprentice, Fading Echoes and Night Whispers.