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An apprentice

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Q: When Benedict Arnold worked in the apothecary what was he called?
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Who worked apothecary job?

People who wanted to and worked as an apprentice for an apothecary for several years.

What does romeo obtain from an apothecary?

An apothecary is a pharmacist. Romeo went to him to get a drug, in particular a poisonous one. It worked: Romeo's last words are "Oh, true apothecary! Thy drugs are quick!"

How were Paul Revere and Samuel Adams friends?

Revere and Adams worked together to spin the actions of the British. A good example of this is the Revere handbill drawn after the Boston massacre to show the soldiers shooting colonists. It was pure propaganda on their part to create a negative reaction to the British.

How do you use the word apothecary in a sentence?

(Here's two different sentences. In one it is used as a noun, in the other an adjective.) "The sick colonist visited the apothecary." "I decorated my bathroom with apothecary jars."

What were Benedict Arnold's jobs?

Arnold worked as a teenager for his cousins in a book / drug store and continued after the french and Indian war and after he finished working for them he started his own book / drug store in New Haven.

Who is pearl in 'The Vampire Diaries'?

She is a friend of Katherine's and Anna's mother. She worked as an apothecary in 1864 but was also a vampire.

Why is a fiance also called a Benedict elect?

A fiancé is not the same as a Benedict elect. A fiancé is a person who is engaged to be married, while a Benedict elect is someone who has been chosen by the papal conclave to become the next Pope. The title "Benedict elect" specifically refers to the period between the selection of a new Pope and their formal proclamation.

What did Katniss mom do before she got mairred?

Katniss's mother worked in her parents (Katniss's maternal grandparents) apothecary shop.

How old was Pope Benedict XVI when he had to work as a slave?

Pope Benedict never worked as a slave. I believe you have him confused with St. Patrick.

Where did Pope Benedict XVI work?

As pope, he worked in Vatican City.

Who is Gemma Randall?

Gemma Randall is an art director. She worked as the art director on 12 episodes of the television show, The Cafe, and was art director for a short film called, The Apothecary. Other projects she has worked on are Upstairs Downstairs, Doc Martin, The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box, and The Tractate Middoth.

Who was an American Revolutionary War hero?

Uh... George Washington, Ethan Allan, Paul Revere; even Benjamin Franklin could have been considered a hero, although he worked as a polititian. Oddly enough, Benedict Arnold was considered quite heroic prior to his little misstep with going over to the British.