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Q: How many types of castles are there?
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How many diffrent types of castles are there?

there are two different types of castles. one is the royal castles and the private castles.

Are there different castles?

Yes, there are many different types of castles. There are motte and bailey castles, concentric castles and stone keep castles. They were built all over England by King William in the 11th and 12th century.

Were there different types of castles?

Yes, there were many different types depending on the country they were in, their purpose, and when they were built.

What was the fist types of castles?

Motte and Bailey castles

What types of medieval castles were there?

Motte and bailey castles, Stone keep castles and Concentric castles

What were the different types of castles in the middle ages?

The types were mott and bailey. Stone keep castles, Military castles, castles for royalty, rich, lords, and nyone who could afford a castle

What types of castles are best?

the best are stone enclosure castles,concentric castles,tower houses, motte and bailey castles, stone castles,fortified manors

What are three of the medieval castles names?

There are many types of Medieval castles including concentric castles and motte and bailey castles To view more information on the different types of castles there are click on the related links listed below.

What types of castles were used in 066?

In 1066 Motte and bailey castles were used

How many different types of castles were there in the middle ages?

Several. Probably only 4 or 5 actually.

Are all castles the same?

No, all castles are different in some way. These are the different types of castles: * Motte and Bailey castles (made out of wood) * Stone keep castles or just stone castles (made out of stone) * Concentric castles (also made out of stone)

How many castles are there approximately in the world?

aproximately how many castles are there in the world