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60% of the vote is the standard 3/5 needed

I Believe

Senate has 59 members

36 votes would be needed

House has 118 members

71 votes would be needed

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Q: How many votes are necessary for the Illinois congress to over ride the governors veto?
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Why hasn't the democratic congress stopped funding for the war in Iraq?

They have not had the votes necessary to achieve this from their fellow members.

Who votes for laws in congress?

A bill, such as the cap and trade carbon bill, has to go through the House and Senate, before ending up on the Governors/Presidents desk, where he can sign it into law or veto it. The House and Senate can overturn a presidents veto with enough votes.

How many electoral votes did John McCain get in Illinois?

John McCain won 0 electoral votes in Illinois, losing Illinois 21 electoral votes to Obama whom received 3,419,673 votes to McCain's 2,031,527 votes.

How many votes did Donald Trump get from Illinois?

Donald Trump received 2,146,015 votes to Hillary Clinton's 3,090,729 votes, losing Illinois's 20 electoral votes.

Who has the electoral votes for Illinois?

Obama won the State of Illinois and all 21 of it Electoral votes. in 2008.

Does Illinois have 21 electoral votes?

No. Illinois has been reduced to 20 electoral votes as of the 2010 census.

How many electoral votes did Illinois have in 2008?

Illinois was allowed to cast 21 electoral votes in 2008.

How many votes did John McCain get in Illinois?

John McCain received 2,031,527 votes, losing to Barack Obama's 3,419,673 votes. Obama received all 21 of Illinois' electoral votes.

How many electoral votes did Illinois have in 2004?

Illinois has 21 electoral votes in 2004. These went to John Kerry (D).

Who votes for laws in congress-individual voters or their representatives?

Laws from Congress come from the votes of Representatives (On behalf of the People) and from the votes of the Senate (On behalf of the States).

Does Chicago get all of Illinois electoral votes?

Illinois' 20 electoral votes are cast based on the popular vote in the whole state.

Under which of the following circumstances is congress most likely to pass a bill the president has threatned to veto?

Congressional leaders believe they have the votes necessary to override a veto