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Only one...they are only called super delegates because they are famous (actors, politicians etc.)...the fact that they are called "Super Delegates" in no way denotes that they are more intelligent, qualified or otherwise significant.

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Q: How many votes does a super delegate have?
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What is meant by super delegate in the US Presidential election campaign?

Look under "what is a super delegate"

How does the issue of delegate vs trustee representative factor into questions of gender and ethnic background?

a trustee votes with his beliefs a delegate votes for who he represents a partisan votes with his party and a politico mixes all 3 together like a bigass soup pot.

Is a super delegate's vote worth more than the vote of a regular delegate?

No it is not we all have the same rights even delegate

What are the release dates for On the Up - 2007 Super Delegate Super Greedy 3-13?

On the Up - 2007 Super Delegate Super Greedy 3-13 was released on: USA: 20 May 2008

Who is the youngest super delegate?

Jason Rae

Does the winner in the Iowa cacus win all of the delegate votes or only part of them?

The delegates are awarded on a proportional system

What is the basis for casting votes for delegate?

The basis for casting votes for a delegate can vary depending on the specific context. It could be based on experience, expertise, alignment with a particular agenda or platform, representation of a specific group or constituency, or a combination of these factors. Ultimately, delegates are expected to represent the interests and preferences of those who elected them.

How many delegates are needed to be nominated as president?

The number of delegates needed to nominate by the democrats is 2,025 .

Who does each state vote for?

In the presidential election, each state votes for a delegate that will represent the state in a whole and vote for the president.

Describe the trustee and delegate role of congress?

In Congress, the trustee will vote according to their own political beliefs. The delegate, however, acts on behalf of the voters and votes in the manner indicated by them, regardless of whether it is what they personally want.

Is Bill Clinton a super delegate?

All ex democrat presidents are superdelegates.

How many votes did she have?

how many votes did who have?