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2 terms. 4 years a term.

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2 terms

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2 years

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Q: How many years does a serve being president serve according to the constitution?
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Was the present Irish President in breach of the Irish Constitution by being reelected?

No, a President is allowed to serve for two terms.

If a former president becomes vice president and the president dies can the vice president continue to serve even though he has reached the eight year limit?

No, he can't. Not according to the Constitution.

How long does a president have to serve before it's considered a full term?

A President's term is 4 years. According to the Constitution, the president can run for a maximum of two terms.

How long do you think Barack Obama will last as president?

He will serve two terms, which is all he can serve according to the constitution. He was elected in 2008, and re-elected in 2012.

Would President Obama be eligible for office of Vice President?

No, according to the US Constitution, an individual can only serve as the president for a maximum of two terms. Therefore, President Obama would not be eligible to serve as vice president.

What section of the constitution outlines the presidents power?

According to experts, section 1 in Article II of the Constitution outlines the executive powers of the President. In addition, this section explains how long the President shall serve along with the Vice President.

Can you serve twelve years as president?

No, according to the United States Constitution, a person can only serve a maximum of two terms, which is a total of eight years as the President of the United States. There are no exceptions to this rule.

How long can you serve as president or vice presodent?

According to the United States Constitution, a person can serve up to two terms as President, with each term being four years. There are no term limits for the Vice President, so theoretically one could serve in that position indefinitely, as long as they are reelected or chosen by the President to serve again.

How many years can the president serve where is it in the constitution?

ten years

What amendment to us constitution allows the vice president to serve as acting president?

The 25th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States prescribes when and how the vice president becomes the Acting President.

Why does the vice president serve as presiding officer of the senate?

Because the constitution requires it

Could Obama serve 3 terms?

no he cant because on the constitution it clearly says that each president could only serve 2 terms of president