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Over 7 million tons of bombs were dropped by the US during the Vietnam War; over 2 million tons were dropped during WW2. NOTE: A US B-17 Flying Fortress over Germany in WW2 carried about 10 airmen and possibly 17 bombs. A US B-52 Stratofortess flying over North Vietnam carried 6 crewmen and could carry 108 750 pound bombs. ONE Vietnam War B-52 was equal to about SIX WW2 B-17s. One F-4 Phantom jet fighter bomber, manned by two crewmen, could carry as many bombs as a WW2 B-17 bomber (with a 10 man crew).

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Refer to sites concerning Operation ROLLING THUNDER, which commenced in 1965; Operation LINEBACKER and LINEBACKER II which both occurred in 1972. Mass amounts of aerial bombs were dropped during those phases. Normal bombing occurred thru out the war. Total tonnage dropped, approximately 7 million tons; however this figure includes North & South Vietnam (and possibly Laos and Cambodia).

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Vietnam War: 7.8 million tons

WWII: 2.7 million tons (ETO: 1,613,000 tons/Japan was too far away for bombing)

Korea: 678,000 tons

WWI: 16,000 tons

Operation Desert Storm: 88,000 tons

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Twice as many bombs were dropped in Vietnam and Cambodia than were used by the USA in Europe and the Pacific during the whole of the Second World War.

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7.8 million tons of bombs were dropped during the whole war in Vietnam (compared to 2.7 in WWII).

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Q: How much bombing did the US do in Vietnam?
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Who Ended the Vietnam War with a negotiated peace?

Richard Nixon is responsible for calling a cease-fire to end US bombing of North Vietnam. Shortly thereafter, all of the other actors in the war agreed to the cease-fire.

What bombing tactics did the US use in Vietnam in 1965?

Wild Weasels were invented in Vietnam. Those aircraft would go after the AAA and SAM sites drawing them away from the bombers. Original Wild Weasels were the F100 Supersabres, then the F4 Phantoms replaced them. Strategic bombing was the course of the war in North Vietnam; tactical bombing in support of ground troops was the norm in South Vietnam. As a rule, USMC jets only worked in South Vietnam; while USN jets bombed North Vietnam. As difficult it is for some historians to believe, the USAF F104 Starfighter and F102 Delta Dagger (President Bush Junior's jet) were used for ground support close air strike missions (dropping bombs); approximately 14/15 Starfighters and Delta Daggers were lost in the war. One F102 was downed in aerial combat with a MIG21; one Starfighter was downed in air to air combat with a Red Chinese MIG-19 (probably a J6 version) in 1965, when the F104 strayed to close to Hainan Island.

What country did the US fight in a war in the 1960s-70s?

The nation of North Vietnam (which no longer's called Vietnam today). The country that the US was allied to, South Vietnam, doesn't exist was consumed by North Vietnam. The official name of SOUTH Vietnam was the "Republic of South Vietnam."

If a person was drafted into the us army served on active duty from 1965 to 1967 in the us but did not actively served in Vietnam can this person be considered a Vietnam era veteran?

He is a Vietnam Era Veteran.

What has the US done to help Vietnam veterans?

US Veterans Affairs.

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What was the result of the US bombing Vietnam?


During the war the US bombed North Vietnam and what other country?

Strategic bombing of the North; Tactical bombing in South Vietnam. Covert bombing in Laos/Cambodia.

How did the us use air power in Vietnam?

Strategic bombing was conducted over North Vietnam; tactical bombing was conducted in South Vietnam; Secret bombings were conducted in Laos and Cambodia.

Which actions was part of nixons strategy to end the Vietnam war?

Bombing North Vietnam

Who was the main enemy of north Vietnam?

The US. Only the US was bombing North Vietnam. Although American and Australian men 'o war were bombarding North Vietnam along their coastline.

Is it true the US became involved in the conflict in Vietnam after the surprise of bombing of a US naval base?

screw tch

How did the Tonkin Gulf resolution lead to US involvement in Vietnam?

The US commenced bombing North Vietnam, and deployed tanks, artillery, and infantry divisions for combat in RVN (Republic of South Vietnam). Vietnam was a guerrilla war NO MORE.

How do You make a peace treaty of the US the Vietnam war?

We would call a "bombing halt" (temporarily suspend aerial bombing over NORTH Vietnam), as a gesture of good will. Hopefully, the north would come to the peace table to negotiate. If not, the aerial bombing would resume. And it did.

What happened shortly the US and north Vietnam signed a peace accord providing for the withdrawal of American troops from Vietnam?

The North invaded with tanks (T54/55 medium and PT76 light tanks).Answer- The north vietnam took over south vietnam.

What was the first US extensive bombing of North Vietnam?

operation rolling thunder

What was presidents johnsons actions on tonkin gulf resolution?

Open warfare commenced between the countries of the US & North Vietnam: US jets commenced bombing North Vietnam; US air power commenced Operation Rolling Thunder; US Marines landed in South Vietnam.

What president ordered bombing raids on north Vietnam.?

LBJ started the bombing by attacking North Vietnamese Navy torpedo boat bases in North Vietnam; in retaliation for their attacks on US Navy destroyers in the Tonkin Gulf in August 1964.