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i think about 60 million of tax payers money

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Q: How much does Presidential State Car?
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How long is the presidential state car?

20 ft

Where do you get armored state car Mafia Wars?

You can get the Armored State Car by completing the "Storm The Presidential Palace" job which is a job in Cuba.

Armored State Car Mafia Wars?

do the job Storm The Presidential Palace

How do you get an armored state car?

El Padrino Job Tier = Storm the Presidential Palace

Where in El Padrino do I get the armoured state car?

Storm the presidential palace mission - Padrino

How do you get a armored state car on Mafia Wars?

Cuba (El Padrino) - Storm the presidential place

What is the Presidential-state-car-United-States?

It has a Cadillac body, but is built on a GMC Top Kick chassis.

What States with state presidential conventions?

Illinois and Maryland are two states with state presidential conventions. Also, New York, Missouri, and the state of California have state presidential conventions.

Who is the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs of Liberia?

Jr. Edward Mclain is the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs of Liberia.

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