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That would depend on how big it was made.

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Q: How much does a battering ram weigh?
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What is a scaling tower with a battering ram?

a scaling tower with a battering ram attached to it

Was the Battering Ram used in World War 1?

No as the battering ram was a medieval siege machine

What simple machines are in a battering ram?

We studied the Assyrians and built a battering ram, chariot and a siege ... Chariots, battering rams and siege towers all make use of simple machines.

Can you please give me a sentence for the word battering ram?

We're going to need a larger battering ram for thiscastle...The battering ram will be ready within the hour, Sire.We shall utilize the battering ram just after the second volley of burning rubbish has been delivered by our catapults.

How long does it take to make a battering ram?

A skilled battering ram technician can crank one out in 49 minutes

How is the battering ram used?

the battering ram is held by one or two people to bash a door down easier.

What is a battery ram?

I think you mean battering ram?

Why was a battering ram called a tortoise?

A tortoise goes about its life looking after its shell and the battering ram is covered with a shell/roof.

How did University of North Carolina get the rams as mascot?

The tarheels mascot is a ram. The reason why its a ram is because they used to have a player called the battering ram so a ram was better suited then a guy with a battering ram.

Who invented the Battering Ram?

The Aserians

Did the Romans invent the Battering Ram?

The Romans did not invent the battering ram, rather it was the Assyrian Empire. Tudiya was the first king of the empire.

What were the good points about a battering ram?

the good pionts about Battering Ram was they always broke down castle and is a very strong wood