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The strenghts of a shell keep castle is that it is at the top of a hill and so the enemy can't batter it down with a battering ram and it is at a top of a hill so the enemy can't throw or fire things over. the shell keep castle is 8 - 10 metres thick and it is 20 - 25 feet high.

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Havn't got a clue but I'd like it if someone would tell me and fast cos I've got to hand in my History project tomorrow

is this florance ?

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Q: What are the strengths of a shell keep castle?
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What was the shell keep castle made of?


What defence is there on a shell keep castle?

a drawbridge and archers

What examples are there of shell keep castles?

Restormel castle

What does a shell keep castle look like?

Shell keep castles are round rather than boxed. A castle that forms a circle is a perfect example. There are many in England.

What are shell keep castles?

A shell Keep is a rounded shaped castle which was built in the midevil times !!!!by Lauren xxx

All different types of Norman castles?

1st. motte and bailey castle 2nd. square keep castle 3rd. shell keep castle 4th. concentric castle

Is harlech castle a shell keep?

Well, the buildings are against the wall , which makes it a shell keep however it is not circular , most common shell keeps are circular

What materials would you have to make a shell keep castle?

you would have to have stone

What were the advantages of a shell keep castle?

u find them in v beach

What are the strengths and weaknesses of round keep castle?

the problem with these type of castles was that there were many windows

Does Lincoln have any features of a shell keep castle?

Yeaah It Does The Features Of The Shell Keep Castle Are That Non Thick Walls Made It Easy Too Be Burnt Done And It Was Very Good For Living Space...

Why did castle builders change from shell keep style to square keep style?

because they wanted to