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Kenilworth castle was biult in 1122ad by Geoffrey de Clinton.

I'm doing a project on Kenilworth Castle.

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Q: When was Kenilworth Castle Built?
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When was kenilworth castle build?

Kenilworth castle was built in kenilworth by Geoffrey de Clinton in 1122ad and was enlarged hugely by John of Gaunt and is now known as King John of Gaunt. I'm doing a castle project on Kenilworth Castle.

When was kenilworth castle first built?


When was the strong tower of Kenilworth castle built?

i dont no!

How many dungeons does kenilworth castle have?

how many floors does kenilworth castle

What date was kenilworth castle built?

Because its 2011 now. It's been built for 889 years.

What is kenilworth castle keep used for?

Nobody knows how it was built because it was founded in 1120, by the powerful normans and was hugely enlarge by King John of Gaunt

What has the author John Brandard written?

John Brandard has written: 'Kenilworth Castle illustrated' -- subject(s): Castles, Kenilworth Castle (Warwickshire)

How was kenilworth castle changed by 1600?

Some parts of Kenilworth castle changed because lots of weapons became more advanced so it needed to be changed so the castle can still stand. In the 1600 Kenilworth castle had an extra wall, great hall, causeway and an Elizabethan palace rooms.

Where is Kenilworth?

In Illinois north of Chicago. There is also a Kenilworth in England in Warickshire. Kenilworth is a small village made mostly out of stones from the castle itself!

Who made Kenilworth castle?

Leonardo de vinchi

How many floors does the keep of kenilworth castle have?

is it 5

What can you tell you about the strong tower at kenilworth castle?

i dontknow