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social studies textbook say 100 pounds of gold, online it says 600 dollars I would believe it would be pretty hard to tell since it was pretty much 300 years ago. I Belive though the only way us American citizens can get rid of the national debt well its clear really.. countries use their own way of supplying their citizens with money like Americans with dollar bills well im pretty sure all money is backed by gold so that being said if I were to take 100 dolars to Germany or Mexico it isn't worth anything... that's why you can actually get ur money switched out for money that will work in Another Country different currencies but all backed by their own estimates of what their gold or whatever is worth that's how they back their money up with. well wether or not if it was gold or cash im afraid the debt would have to be paid in gold not American money so that's why its hard for americans to cope with that because everyone goes to work everyday ofcourse to take care of themselves but at the end of the day ur only getting paper that's what our American money is made out of which has no value at all out side of America. so if American wanted to make it an easier life not only for their selfs but also for their children after their gone I would prolly look into this

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Q: How much money did George Washington have to borrow to get to his inauguration?
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