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Just above $1 million, according to

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Q: How much money did the Libertarian Party raise for its Presidential Campaign in 2004?
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What are some things that might cost money during a presidential campaign?


Most presidential campaign money during the general election is spent on?


What is the duty of state level party workers?

They help raise campaign money: NOVA NETThey raise campaign money(Nova Net)

Can a presidential candidate use his own money to fund his campaign?

Yes. It's not considered a "campaign contribution", so it isn't subject to the normal restrictions. If a candidate wants to find his campaign entirely by himself, it's perfectly legal for him to do so.

What are the duties of state level party workers?

They help raise campaign money.

What three things did Obama do that greatly helped his presidential campaign?

He visited and campaigned in all 50 states and opened campaign offices, he refused to accept public finance money.

What is the difference between candidate centered campaign and party centered campaign?

Well, candidate centered campaigns involve the candidate raising his own money, and campaigning himself rather than the party and issues that the party believe in

Can you win the presidential election without spending money?

No. A presidential candidate has to pay for campaigning, signs, buttons, a way to get around the country, for commercials, campaign trail expenses, and more. Fundraising can probably provide for most of the money, but running for president is not cheap.

How does Bernie Sanders run his Presidential Campaign compared to the other Presidential Candidates?

Bernie Sanders refuses to take money from special interests and super PACS. His campaign is funded by small dollar donations.

What was the presidential election campaign fund in 1971 created for?

The Presidential Election Campaign Fund was created in 1971 to provide public funding for presidential elections. Its purpose was to reduce the reliance on private contributions and special interest funding and to promote transparency in campaign financing. It allows eligible candidates to receive federal funds to finance their campaigns if they agree to certain spending limits and regulations.

Can a president run his own campaign with his own money?

Yes, a president can use his own money to fund his campaign. However, it is also common for presidential candidates to seek out and accept donations from supporters and run campaigns with the help of political fundraising. The use of personal funds can supplement traditional campaign financing methods.

How does a presidential contender qualify for public funding in the pre-convention period?

To qualify for public money, a candidate has to agree to limit the amount he or she will spend on a campaign.