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They do not make anything. They acttually end up spending $58 billion a year for it.

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Q: How much money per year does the us government make on underage drinking?
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Where can you buy no underage drinking signs?

I'd say you could easily make one with a piece of poster board or cardboard and a marker

What does Dubai government do to provide drinking water to its people?

the government purifies the muddy water by distilling it and desalinates the seawater to make it fit for drinking.

What do you do about an underage drinking ticket?

Pay it or fight it. Most likely the judge will only make the driver go to classes and pay a fine and it shouldn't show up on their record.

Why did the government make legel drinking age 21?

becuzz they are a holes?

Self harming in underage drinking?

obviously like anything it depends on the person. But i guess if someone is depressed they are more likely to indulge in drinking. And drinking to much can worsen depression. Its one big circle. and depression is linked to both. They are interlocked and make each other worse. hope this helps?

Can police let you go if you cooperate in a well behaved and respectable manner when apprehended for underage drinking?

No. They are required to write a report, and to make sure that you are returned home safely or released to your parents.

How much money does a government make?

Governments do not make money, they just tax the citizens.

What are ways to help teens with drinking issues?

Just don't make a huge deal out of it. When you make a huge deal out of something, that makes people want to partake in it more. Let your teen know about all the dangers that are associated with drinking underage, and then trust them to make the right decisions. Until they prove otherwise, allow them to have some freedom.

Why do people make cigarette?

Because the government wants money.

How much money can a government make?


How many money does an FBI make per month?

The FBI is a government organisation and does not make make money. It is funded.

How does the F.B.I. make money?

They are a government organization, and as such they are funded by the US Federal Government.