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Q: How old is Lloyd polite oldest sister?
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How old is Lloyd polite oldest sister brandy?


How many siblings does Lloyd polite jr have?

Lloyd polite younger brother name is actually chucky

How old is Lloyd polite's younger brother?

he is 19

How old is lloyde?

US rapper Lloyd Polite Jr., aka Lloyd, aka Young Lloyd, is 31 years old (born January 3, 1986).

How old is Lloyd Harlin Polite Jr.?

Lloyd was born January 3, 1986Lloyd has no middle name. His full name is Lloyd Polite Jr. If you would like to know more about R&B star Lloyd, please visit

How old is Cher Lloyd's mum?

She also has a 14 year old sister called Sophie and a 12 year old sister called Rosie.

How old is Lloyd Nolan?

Lloyd Polite, aka Lloyd, is 31 years old (birthdate: January 3, 1986).

Does Lloyd have brothers and sisters?

Lloyd has one sister that is 43 years old. He also has a sexless marriage with a wife that is more like a sister than anything else.

How old is Cher Lloyd's sister rosie Lloyd?

She has two sisters actually: Sophie, 14, and of course Rosie, 12. :)

What age is Cher Lloyd's little brother?

Cher Lloyd's fiance Craig Monk is 21 years old. Cher is only 18.

How old is obama's oldest daghter?

she is is 13 and she has a younger sister that is 9

How old are Liam Paynes sisters?

Nicola Payne (oldest sister) is 22, Ruth Payne (second oldest) is 20, and Charlotte Payne (youngest sister) is 15. :Dx