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Bessie Colman was 34 when she died.

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Q: How old was Bessie Colman when she died?
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Did Bessie Colman have kids of her own?

It is unknown whether Bessie Coleman had children or not for she died at an early age.

How Bessie colman died?

Bessie Coleman died in a plane because the plane cracked and fall in the ocean i think

What date did Bessie colman die?

May 1, 1926 Bessie Coleman the famous aviator died.

Is zendaya colman related to Bessie colman?


Did Bessie colman have kids?


Who was one of the 13 children died in an airplain crash?

Bessie Colman

Who flew first Amelia airheart or Bessie colman?

Bessie Coleman

Where is Bessie Colman grave?

in chacgo

Who did bessie colman marry?

Claude Glenn

Was Bessie Colman born in a hospital?

No, she wasn't.

Where was Bessie colman born?

She was raised in Texas

How many siblings did Bessie Colman have?

8 siblings