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About as rare as a $50 or $100. You don't see them often, but any bank will happily sell you one at face value.

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Q: How rare is a 2 dollar bill?
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What makes a 2 dollar bill rare?

There are over 1.3 billion $2 bill printed but people seem to think it is rare but is not, you can get them in the bank

How much does the the 1776 2 dollar bill torn folded bill cost?

No matter how old a 2 dollar bill is, the sad truth is that it is STILL worth 2 dollars.. They are uncommon, but aren't really RARE...

What is the value of a 2003 A circulated 2 dollar bill?

Since this bill is not rare and is circulated it is worth face value.

Is your 5 dollar bill rare?

5 Dollar Bills Are Very Common. They are still being printed, for as far as I know, 2 dollar bills are rare but still worth the same value.

What is the most rare five dollar bill?

a 1932 $5 bill

What type of things are rare?

all i know is that these are rare:sapphire 2, dollar bill, 1 dollar coins, uncommon shells, types of animals,plants and that is it

Is it rare to find Jefferson on a two dollar bill?

No. Thomas Jefferson's picture has been on every $2 bill printed since since 1928.

How many National parks two dollar bills are minted?

None. They are nothing more than a regular 2 dollar bill that has been altered. And 2 dollar bills are not rare you can go to any bank and purchase them for, get this, 2 dollars.

Is a 1935 G dollar bill rare?

No. This is a common date and series.

What president is on a 2 dollar bill?

Simply, Jefferson is on the 2 dollar bill. Its a cool bill isnt it?

Are 1995 and 1996 2 dollar bills rare?

The series 1995 $2 bill is rare compared to the number of other denominations printed that year, but it's not worth anything above face value.

How much will a 1973 Canadian dollar bill with queen elizabeths picture on it sell for?

A dollar. They're not rare.