How thalia become a tree?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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She was protecting Annabeth and Luke so they can get to camp and Zeus had pity on her a decided to turn her into a tree.

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Q: How thalia become a tree?
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What magical item can save Thalia's tree from dying?

The Golden Fleece can save Thalia's tree.

Who poisoned thalia's tree in The Sea of Monsters?

Luke poisons Thalia's tree. He and his army of evil people who are siding Kronos wanted the camp destroyed. They said first camp and then they would move on to Olympus.

What did Zeus had turned Thalia into?

A pine tree

Is thalia pregnant?

No, Thalia does not die. She becomes immortal, and joins Artemis's Hunters. However, most think that Thalia died when she was turned to a tree, but this is not the case. She was only frozen in time.

Who did Zeus turn into a pine tree?

Thalia Grace

Who is Thalia in the book The Lightning Thief?

Thalia is Zeus's daughter. She is a pine tree that protects camp half blood. Thalia becomes human again in another book. Thalia was also friends with Annabeth, Luke and Grover.

Is Thalia alive in every Percy Jackson and the Olympians books except for one and two?

Thalia Grace is alive in book one, but she was in the form of a tree. In book two, her tree form was poisoned. The golden fleece was found to save her. The fleece worked better than expected, and she morphed back into her human form. It was in book 3 that Thalia joined the hunt with Artemis and became immortal. She was present as a hunter through the remainder of the series.

How many years did Thalia Grace spend as a tree?


What was the plot of Percy Jackson sea of monster?

THE plot is that Thalia's tree isn't supporting the border of camp half blood from monsters anymore so they must retrieve the golden fleece to keep Thalia's tree alive.

Does Thalia love Luke?

No I Don'y Really Think That Thalia Likes Luke Because when she found out luke was in the museum she brought aegus.

What is the name of the girl turned into a pine tree in the book the lightning thief?

Her name is Thalia Grace.

How was camp half blood protece before?

the magic borders of camp,starting at Thalia's tree.