How was Samoa acquired?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It was acquired by the U.S. because in World War 2, they found, and used Samoa as a place to store weapons, and keep some of their wounded. They also put bunkers around Samoa (I'm samoan and I've seen them) to keep out any of the Japanese that may have came and took it over, but the good news was that Japan never did find Samoa.

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Q: How was Samoa acquired?
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Who acquired Samoa?

united states

Did Robert Louis stevenson have a pet?

Yes, Robert Louis Stevenson had a pet dog named Woggs, who was a Skye terrier. Stevenson acquired the dog while he was living in Samoa.

Epidemic when did it happened in Samoa?

when did epidemic influenza start in samoa how did it happen in samoa? why did it affected the people of samoa? the reference in samoa?

In 1881 Samoa was divided into?

American Samoa and Western Samoa (now known as Samoa).

Why is Samoa called Samoa?

it is called western Samoa because Samoa is divided into two parts, American Samoa and western Samoa. After colonialism came to Samoa, America took control of Eastern Samoa which adapted the name "American Samoa". While Germany (and later NZ) took control of Western Samoa, who then took on the name "Western Samoa". No called SAMOA. The nation dropped the "western" in 1997.

Is Samoa American Samoa and western Samoa all the same?

They are the same in that Samoans in American Samoa and Samoa (once Western Samoa) have the same heritage. However, American Samoa is a US territory while Samoa is an independent nation. So they are in effect two different countries.

What are the two natiions called in Samoa?

Samoa and American Samoa

Who got KICKED off not voted off of Survivor Samoa?

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Is Samoa the capital of America Samoa?

No the capital of American Samoa is Pago Pago. Apia is the capital of Samoa

Samoa was formerly known by what name?

Previous names: * Samoa ~ 1900-1914 * Western Samoa ~ 1914-1997 * Samoa ~ 1997-present

Who purchased Samoa?

No one purchased Samoa. Samoa belongs to Samoans.

Who is better out of Samoa and whales?

Samoa P.S I dont know what a Samoa is.