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strong of character and smart tactics

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Q: How was george washingtopn as a military leader?
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Was George Washington a military leader in Ohio?


Who was the military leader of the Revolutionary War?

George Washington

An interesting fact about george roger clark?

he was a military leader

What was george washingtion occupation?

president, military leader, and farmer

This American general is often ranked second to general Washington as a military leader?

who is often ranked second to george washington as a military leader

Who was the union military leader at the Battle of Gettysburg?

General George Meade

What was George Washington's role in the revolutionary era?

He was a military leader and soldier.

Who was the leader of the American military during the revolutionary war?

George Washington

Who was the hero of the French and Indian War?

George Washington - military leader.

Who was a strong military leader and a revolutionary war hero?

George Washington

Why was George Washington chosen to be a military leader?

because he was a great leader and that he served in the military and was promoted up

Which American general is often ranked second to George Washington as military leader?

George Rogers Clark