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Generally speaking, as friendly. But Saudi Arabia did only come into being as a nation in 1932. Before that, the peninsula was a collection of dirt-poor sheikhdoms inhabited by nomadic tribes trying to eke out a living from breeding camels, fishing and a bit of piracy. Until 1922 large parts of Saudi Arabia were part of the Ottoman Empire. Oil reserves were only discovered in 1938 and it propelled the Saudi Kingdom to prominence mainly because WW 2 caused a steep rise in demand for oil.

"The West" in the period between the two World Wars consisted mainly of Great Britain. Great Britain for most of that period had only two kinds of interests in what happened in that great sandpit with its nomadic tribes ever-warring amongst themselves: keep the peace and support the seemingly more friendly chiefs - like Ibn Saud. Britain's goals: to keep them from raiding into Jordania and keep the all-important sea route to the East free from Arabic pirates.

Britain played sugar daddy to several tribes to keep them quiet and it gave some support to Arab independence and unity after the fall of the Ottoman Empire. So 'the West' as represented by Britain in general maintained friendly relations with the Arab Sheiks and later, with King Ibn Saud.

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Q: How would you describe relations between the Saudi state and the West from World War 1 to World War 2?
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