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Be respectful and honest

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Q: How would you honor the rectitude of citizens in your kingdom?
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What is rectitude?

Rectitude describes a person with morally correct behavior. An example would be: Lindsay helps at the soup kitchen for the homeless every weekend. She is such a great model of rectitude.

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What is northern kingdom of the israelities?

That would be the kingdom of Israel. The Southern Kingdom was called Judah.

How might citizens most likely react to their country's imperialist activities during the age of discovery?

Citizens would be excited and proud about the increased power of their country - APEX

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An icicle would be formed in the Kingdom heart.

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The correct terminology between an honor student or a honor student depends on how it is being used. The most common way it is used would be an honor student.

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In the dictionary? Honest comes before honor. O comes after E. HonEst, HonOr.

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They're most prized possesion was thier kingdom and in honor of that keeping it safe so sometimes they would have to give up land in trade for protection

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That would be the kingdom of Israel. The Southern Kingdom was called Judah.

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