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a black university in Washington, D.C

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Q: Howard University is well known as?
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Is Howard University nationally accredited?

Howard University is a nationally accredited college. All of its individual schools are accredited too including its well known early childhood program.

What is Ptricia Bath well known for?

she holds a bachelor's degree from hunter college and an M.D. from howard university

Did Sean comb puff daddy graduate from howard university?

Sean Comb also known as Puff Daddy, did not graduate from Howard university. However, he did attend Howard for two years.

Which university is good ICFAI or Sikkim Manipal University?

WELL ICFAI is a well known university for its managament prog. Well SMU university is better known for its technical prog.

What is Saski Howard Clarke known for?

Saskia Howard Clarke is a well known actress. Saskia is best known for her roles in the television mini series 'Dead Set' as well as her role on the series 'Casualty.'

What is University of Phoenix most well known for?

I dont really know what University of Phoenix is most well known for?

How old is shannon howard?

Shannon Howard is 37 years old. Though she is known in the celebrity world, she's not extremely well known for her work.

What are the undergraduate requirements for gettin into howard university?

Well first of all you have to spell it right.

Who was Howard University named after?

Howard. . .

When did Howard University Press end?

Howard University Press ended in 2011.

When was Howard University Press created?

Howard University Press was created in 1972.

Who Howard that Howard university was named after?

Howard University was named for General Oliver Otis Howard whom also served as it's first preisdent.