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William howard taft

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Q: Which US President was the most overweight?
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What is the Number one nutritional danger for most people in the US?


Who was depressive president of US?

I think you mean "who was the most depressed president?" If you do, and this is a matter of my opinion, I would say William Howard Taft. His real dream was to be a Supreme Court Judge, not a president. He is overshadowed by what the huge impact that his predecessor (Theodore Roosevelt) made for this country. Not to mention that he was very overweight.

What impact does sugar have on people?

Sugar ,found in most food, makes us fat and overweight.

You are 123 pounds are you overweight?

Since you didn't tell us how tall you are, there is no way for us to know if you are overweight or not.

Who was the most effective U.S. president?

The most effective us president is Abhraham Linkhan

Was James Monroe overweight?

No, he was not. The only president considered truly overweight was William Howard Taft, who weighed in at over 300 lbs.

What percent of US citizens are overweight?

66% us citizens not institutionalized over 20 per the Centers for Disease Control are overweight

What president that was in office is compared to your current president?

US President Barack Obama is most frequently compared to previous US president George W. Bush.

Which US President is most like Emperor Nerva?

President Ronald Reagan

Who is the the most popular president among all the president in US?

George Washington

What is the most well known president?

George Washington, our first US president.

What country has the most overweight percentage?

Nauru, with about 97.5% of the population being overweight ( 8,900 overweight people out of 9,500 people.)