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My countrymen, it is with great humility, hesitancy, and awe that I accept your draft to be the governor of Metropolitan Manila.

The problems of Metro Manila are many and of incredible magnitude. These problems are not of recent origin; they stemmed from many years of neglect and indifference; we have but a few years to solve these problems if our metropolis is to be redeemed from utter deterioration. But more lamentable than this is the ultimate erosion of the dignity of all Filipinos.

Not a single one among us can afford to beg off and just watch the metropolis decay and die.

It is for this reason that I have accepted in spite of my involvement with many national projects and international commitments this year and the next.

These commitments are not, however, alien to our tasks in Metro Manila. For Metro Manila, in sum, is the problem of human habitat and civilization.

We are all aware of the sacrifices we must all make, and my heart goes out to those who must bear the burden of restoration, reforms, and reconstruction for renaissance has a high price to pay.

With your help, Manilans and Filipinos all, we hope to succeed and rebuild and revitalize a greater Metro Manila.

To this mission and privilege, I bring my whole heart and my whole being. And from you, my countrymen, I ask nothing less than your sincerest commitment in return.

My friends, you have asked me to serve; in return, I ask you to serve with me for the sake of a city and a people.

My countrymen, for your confidence, trust, prayers, and best wishes, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

(This speech was delivered by Imelda Marcos after her induction as Governor of Metro Manila in November 7,1975)

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Q: Human habitat and civilization speech by former president imelda Marcos?
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